lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

And if it was happening in WWE?

The show that wraps the WWE universe seems to me of the first level in what it refers to production.

Every Monday I see the transmission that they do of the mark RAW for TVC Sports , as well as “SmackDown“ that transmits in Mexico TV Azteca and I am astonished of taking a show as that one opposite to me, (with everything and the TV Spots that often invoke the "zapping"), the famous "divas" of the company that has been able to capitalize the success on a global scale are a delight for the followers, and not only for the physical attributes that each of them possesses, but for the illusion that they wake up, for the big sense of expectancy that they generate and for being especially, you cover with media stars that "sell", for example, intelligence, beauty and class in only one “packing“ that is suitable for every public.

The people can think and put thousands of tags and prejudices concerning the figures of the lights that make WWE big but I believe that it turns out to be interesting and curious also, to know what is behind the life of the people like Michelle Awink or of Oscar Gutiérrez Rubio.

One day, if badly I do not remember, it was famous Kelly Kelly who declared the following thing:

"Really we want to be known like players, not only like women sexies."

Will it have started thinking Vince McMahon of realizing reportages about his work body?

Imagine it, this would come to be of benefit to both parts: They find the way of projecting and of making a product more nearby to the public like this one, and you can clear doubts or myths that they surround to a sport through that a solid marriage lives in these moments with the spectacle that it uses like springboard to the television.

For a phenomenon as this one, in which we already not only have the World Council of Wrestling or Triple To, it would come to be a revulsive species that there detonates the interest of the persons foreign to this type of entertainment and the obsession in those who religiously light his television to take to the climax his endorfinas level.

WWE provokes the madness, the fanatics pack the enclosures where there appears the most luminous “spectacle of the world”, after the different personalities appear the people shout, get excited and celebrate, or on the contrary he complains and suffers.

With the arrival of the North American wrestling to the Mexican TV sets, industry has opened a breach to itself between already divided luchística Mexican and the fans, who have changed to his national idols for the muscular monsters of the WWE.

If the people of the family McMahon will explore other market niches and one was immersing in the possibilities sea that the half-backs provide them, of course there would make his center bigger and would increase the followers who have in the globe.

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